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Awesome content subscriptions for creators and fans.

Create multiple free or paid subscription channels, grow your audience while you earn.

A network for artists and fans

A network for artists and fans

Blur works like a social network, you can subscribe to other users, comment, and like their content. However every feature that we build for Blur is meant to help creators promote their work and bring great content to their fans.

Supercharged Subscriptions


Free subscriptions are a great way for you to promote your content publicly on Blur. By default all accounts start with a free public subscription.


Premium subscriptions are for content you want to offer to your subscribers for a monthly recurring fee. Your content will only be accessible to your paid subscribers.


Invite only subscriptions will be private subscription channels where content is only available to subscribers that you have sent an invitation to. These can be free or paid.

This is a planned feature, not currently available.

We want to build a community and platform for artists and fans that is sustainable and ethical. We think the best way to do this is to give artists as much control as possible over their paid and free subscriptions.

Cool Post Types

Blog Posts

Blog Post

Full featured Blog Posts with text styles, images, video embed, and markdown commands

Embed Posts

Blog Post

Embed content from places like Vimeo, YouTube, Bandcamp or Spotify

Product Posts

Blog Post

With this upcoming feature you can sell your artwork directly from a post

Event Posts

Blog Post

With this upcoming feature you can create an event listing directly on Blur and accept payments from attendees before the event